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A thousand eyes observe and a thousand hands reach out.
To direct living beings who are confused at the crossroads.
He vows that all sentient beings will leave suffering.
And ascend to the other shore with Maha Prajna.
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Blog » Sweet Dews Of Dharma Talks » 2015

The Cause and Condition of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara’s Rebirth in the Pureland2015-05-20

Today is the birthday of Bodhisattva Guan yin. I would like to take the opportunity to share a story about the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara’s rebirth in the Pure Land.

Spoken by Dharma Master Heng Rong

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Cherish What You Have2015-04-14

The flavor of the Buddhadharma is bitter, then sweet. Frequently, the process of cultivation goes through suffering first and then happiness. Why do I say that?

Spoken by Dharma Master Heng Jai

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Story of a Columbian boy2015-03-10

This true story takes place in Colombia, a beautiful, mountainous country in South America. The most important thing about this story is that it is about filial respect.

Spoken by Dharma Master Heng Yin

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Unity Is Power2015-01-31

At this Dharma ending age, it is difficult to be a vegetarian. Additives such as fish sauce, poultry gravy, or other animal ingredients are often detected in vegetarian dishes.

Spoken by Dharma Master Heng Rong

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