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A thousand eyes observe and a thousand hands reach out.
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Our Mentor » The Teaching of the Venerable Master Xuan Hua » Upholding the Precepts, Being Patient in Difficult Circumstances

Upholding the Precepts, Being Patient in Difficult Circumstances2013-01-10


To become a Buddha is not so easy! If you don't cut off your sexual desire yet still want to become a Buddha - that is absolutely impossible. There's no such principle in this world. Nowadays, most people are greedy for lucky breaks and shortcuts. We get attracted easily to the mysterious and fall into the demon's trap.


Why do people lie? Because they are afraid of losing  any benefit to themselves, afraid of being at a disadvantage.


If one breaks the precept against sexual misconduct, then it's easy to break the precept against killing, stealing and lying. Therefore, breaking the precept that prohibits sexual misconduct also includes the breaking of the precepts against killing, stealing, and lying.


By upholding the Five Precepts and practicing the Ten Good Deeds, you will be born into the human and the deva (heavenly) realms. If you have an attitude of greed, hatred and delusion, then you may fall into the three evil paths.


If you understand the precepts, then you can penetrate the entire Buddhadharma. If you don't understand the precepts, then you're like a cloud floating in the sky, lacking any foundation.


All precepts share one basis - it is not being selfish.


You should vigorously uphold precepts, even in places where people can't see you. You should not be vigorous only in front of people, oruphold precepts only in front of people. Instead, you  should forge ahead vigorously and uphold precepts when you are all by yourself.


Studying the Buddhadharma is learning not to trouble or harm others. Therefore, Buddhists must eat vegetarian food because eating meat harms other lives.


Eating a vegetarian diet requires that you suffer a loss when you are still alive, because you cannot satisfy your palate with delicious food. But if you are not a vegetarian and eat a lot of meat, after your death you will have to settle your accounts before the King of Hell. As my conscience dictates, I am telling you the truth.  If we are not greedy for our desire to satisfy our taste buds and greedy for pleasure, we won't be greatly fooled after we die.


If someone who studies Buddhadharma does not uphold precepts, that person is like a bottle with a hole in the bottom. The water leaks out as soon as  the bottle is filled. If one can uphold precepts, one will gradually obtain a state free of outflows (Anasrava).


No matter what Dharma-door you practice, as long as you have patience, you will attain achievement. If you don't have patience then you can't cultivate any Dharma doors to successfully.


What Way do the left-home people cultivate? They cultivate the Way of patience.


"Patience is a priceless gem


Which few know how to mine,


But once you've truly mastered it, 


Then everything works out fine."


A cultivator has to endure the things that others cannot bear, renounce the matters that others cannot give up, eat the foods that others cannot swallow, and wear the garments that others cannot put on. In brief, a cultivator ought to bear what others cannot bear.


In cultivating the Way, the most important thing is not to fight. No fighting means not to quarrel over people's good points and shortcomings, nor gossip about others' rights and wrongs.


Do not be greedy for anything at all. Know contentment and be patient. This is the unsurpassed wonderful Dharma that is, alas, neglected by all. By not fighting and not being greedy one will have boundless blessings and  long life. If you are contentious, greedy, and always stirring up trouble, then you will incur many karmic offenses. Even if you wanted to leave the Triple Realm there would be no way for you to do so.


All the various kinds of precepts are aimed at teaching people to follow rules. People who follow rules can help maintain order in the society and resolve the problems faced by humankind. Thus, the moral precepts are the basis for world peace.